Nike Kobe 9 NSW Lifestyle “Marble” Instagram Teaser


Even though Kobe Bryant is out, it seems that 2014 is gearing up to be the year of Kobe.

The all I eagerly anticipating the release of the call been nine masterpiece in needs, but there are a ton of different options and offshoots to come.

Above you can take a sneak peek at the Nike Kobe 9 NSW Lifestyle “Marble”, a shoe that ties into the whole lifestyle, casual shoe fan. It might be a bit much to go out certain places wearing a pair of Kobe 9’s, but throw on one of the lifestyle joints and you can have that clean look that fits the environment.

The “Marble” Kobe 9 NSW Lifestyle features patent leather on the heel and toe box, a flyknit upper and the sole that has a marble finish to it.

Pretty cool lifestyle shoe that should have some of you considering a purchase. Stay tuned for more picture and information for when this shoe drops.

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