Tacko Fall Shoe Size

Tacko Fall, fan favorite of the NBA, Boston Celtics is the tallest player in the league. Fall, when wearing shoes stands at (7 ft 7 in, 2.31 m). With his abnormal height, I know many of you are trying to figure out what size shoes he wears. Tacko Falls Shoe Size is: Size: 22 (U.S.) … Read more

Draymond Green Shoe Size

Draymond Green Shoe Size

Many think that Draymond Green is the best defensive player in the league. A part of the Warriors Big 4, Draymond has made a name for himself on the court from not only his tough defensive play, but for also not holding his tongue and speaking his mind….no matter what it is. If you want … Read more

Klay Thompson Shoe Size

What size Shoes Does Klay Thompson Wear?

Klay Thompson is considered to be on one of, if not the best 2 guard in the league. Playing on the Warriors, he is part of their big 4 and can put up buckets in a blink of an eye. If you want to know how big Klay Thompson’s feet are and what size shoes … Read more

Yao Ming Shoe Size

What Size Shoes Does Yao Ming Wear?

When Yao Ming played in the league he was a towering giant. Many people were in awe and one question they always wanted to know what size shoes he would wear and how big his feet really were. Well I have the answer and Yao Ming wears: Size: 18 (U.S.) Size: 17.5 (UK) Size: 52 … Read more

Nate Robinson Shoe Size

What Size Shoes Does Nate Robinson Wear?

Either you hate or love little Nate Robinson. I am pretty sure those of you who are fans ended up on this page as you want to get an idea to size of Nate Robinsons feet. Well there has been somewhat of a discrepancy when doing the research, but you can basically say he wears … Read more