Ben Simmons Wingspan

What is Ben Simmons Wingspan?I know why you are here and that is because you want to know Kevin Durant’s wingspan. Just watching Durant play, you can tell that he is very long. He is a match up nightmare for many and the length of his arms, not only allows him to get shots off with ease over defenders, but he can play the passing lane and pick off passes.

Ben Simmons Wingspan: 7′ 0.21″ or 214 Centimeters

Ben Simmons Wingspan

With a 7′ 0.21″ wingspan, it is easy to see how Ben is able to do what he does on the court. The long arms are to his advantage and they definitely give him an advantage on the court.

How Ben Simmons Wingspan Matches Up With Other Players

While Ben got some pretty long arms, take a look at how he compares with other players at his position.

Kevin Durant Wingspan7′ 4.75″

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