Money Aint a Thang: Mikhail Prokhorov Has No Problem Paying $80M Luxury Tax Bill To Win

Mikhail Prokhorov  Will Pay Luxury Tax to Win

Mikhail Prokhorov, billionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets is a man on a mission. He wants to bring the city a NBA Championship, sooner than later. He is so serious, that he once said that if he did not win a championship in 5 years, then he would get married.

With all the moves that Brooklyn has been making, you can see that he is serious and really wants to win. All those moves has put the Nets deep in the luxury tax and they are looking at paying around $80 million dollars for this season.

As per the New York Post, Prokhorov addressed the reason he has no reason paying that big luxury tax bill.

“When I bought the team, I promised to create a championship contender, a team worthy of Brooklyn,” said Prokhorov. “I’ll be proud when we win the championship. I am not a man of procedure. I am a man of results.”

He then highlighted that money really is not a problem

“I’m willing to invest more to make [the] Brooklyn franchise the best in the league.”


“In the NBA, money, it’s important, but you can’t buy a championship only spending money. What’s most important is to put pieces together [for] a championship contender,” he said. “Frankly speaking, I’ll do whatever I can to reach the championship here in Brooklyn. It was the goal when I bought the NBA team. From inside, for me there is only one place and that’s first place.”

He is a serious guy and wants to win at all costs. Right now the Nets look like a worthy competitor to topple the Heat, especially with Jason Terry holding the secret formula.

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