Jason Terry Feels The Brooklyn Nets Have the Secret Formula to Beat the Heat

Jason Terry has the Secret FormulaJason Terry feels that he and the Brooklyn Nets could be NBA champions next year and are not worried about the Miami Heat. Terry made a couple of statements yesterday guaranteeing that they can make it to the finals and take out the Miami Heat in the process. All of it relates to a secret formula.

According to the NY Daily News, Terry stated

“This is right now. If we can start the finals in training camp, I’m ready to do it,”


“We know it’s a process. But this process is not a two-year deal. Let’s get it done this year, and why not? We got all the pieces.”


Reminded about the Heat, Terry said, “I’m not concerned.”  Both he and Nets coach Jason Kidd were on the Mavericks squad that toppled the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals.

“We have the formula,” Terry said. “Jason Kidd and I are the only ones to crack that code.”

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