Serge Ibaka Shoe Size

How Big are Serge Ibaka's Feet?

The Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the youngest and most exciting teams in the league. Obviously people love Durant and Westbrook, but Serge Ibaka has proven himself to be as much as a star and important piece of the team.

For all you fans of Ibaka out there who want to know the size of his feet, take a look at his shoe size.

  • Size: 17 (U.S.)
  • Size: 16.5 (UK)
  • Size: 50 (Europe)
  • 32.6 Centimeters
  • 13 Inches

When Serge Ibaka first came into the league, you could see he was a bit clueless, but was blessed with the physical tools to take his game to the next level. Over the past couple of years, you have seen his game grow and also become the most important piece for OKC as it comes to defense. Even though OKC runs through Durant, the anchor in the middle is a key piece for winning championships.

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