Ricky Rubio Shoe Size

How Big are Ricky Rubio's Feet?

The Spanish wonder Ricky Rubio is making a few new fans, just off his enigmatic play and style on the court.

People love Rubio’s game, that is why he is such a fan favorite. They want to know all they can, especially how big his feet are. To find out, take a look at his shoe size.

Rubio wears:

  • Size: 12 (U.S.)
  • Size: 11.5 (UK)
  • Size: 46 (Europe)
  • 28.26 Centimeters
  • 11.125 Inches

Ricky Rubio comes with hype and even though he has not lived up to the full potential, he is still young and a rising star. He doesn’t get much shine because he is stuck in Minnesota, but best believe if he continues to work on his game, everyone will know who he is.

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