DeAndre Jordan Shoe Size


DeAndre Jordan has made a name for himself, especially with his monstrous dunk on Brandon Knight.

That dunk alone got him a ton of fans and people all of a sudden want to know everything they can about him.

There are some people who want to know how big DeAndre Jordan’s feet are as well as shoe size. If you are interested, then it is:

  • Size: 18 (U.S.)
  • Size: 17.5 (UK)
  • Size: 52 (Europe)
  • 33.4 Centimeters
  • 13.15 Inches

DeAndre is starting to come into his own on the defensive end. Earlier in his career he relied on sheer athleticism to carry him, but now his game, especially on defense is rounding out nicely. If he would work on his offense, especially post moves as well as free throws, he could be a big force to reckon with.

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