Penny Marshall Gets Conned Out of $5000 by Fake Lamar Odom

Penny Marshall Conned by Fake Lamar Odom

It seems as if Penny Marshall got conned out of $5000 by someone claiming to be Lamar Odom. All of this started a couple weeks ago

According to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ the double-cross started at a Lakers game last month … when a man claiming to be LO’s assistant gave Penny a phone number he said was Lamar’s.

We’re told Penny and the person she thought was Lamar texted back and forth for several days — when finally “Lamar” asked her to loan his assistant a chunk o’ cash. Ever the faithful Lakers fan, Penny forked over more than five grand to the faux “assistant.”

Once the fake Lamar got the money, all of a sudden the texting stopped. I am sure at this point the warning bells started to sound off and Penny decided that she should probably find out why Lamar’s assistant stopped texting. When she spoke to the real Lamar, he told her that he has no assistant.

A Police report was filed and hopefully they will be able to catch that slimeball that duped our beloved Penny.

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