Metta World Peace States That the Lakers Would Be In the Finals If No Suspension

Metta World Peace Knocks Out James Harden

Whatever Metta World Peace is smoking or drinking, kids stay away! It seems that he was back on twitter making some pookieish statements.  He honestly believes that if it wasn’t for his 7 game suspension for elbowing James Harden, that the Los Angeles Lakers would still be playing!


So let me get this straight, the @$$ kicking that Oklahoma City laid down on the Lakers was all a fluke and the reason why they lost was a suspension, where he came back before the OKC series even started.

I know there are going to be a couple of Laker fans who are going to cosign this (they really live in LA LA Land), but Metta is a dang fool for this. Maybe it is a way to get some attention, since he is the one sitting at home, watching the finals like the rest of us.

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