Detailed Images of the Nike Lebron 11 “Akron vs Miami”


Well Nike is set to release a brand new colorway, the Nike Lebron 11 “Akron vs Miami”. This shoe embodies everything that Lebron is about right now. There is love for the blue collar hometown of James, Akron, Ohio, while The shoe captures the glam and excitement of James current abode and team, Miami.

This shoe is the best of both world and this can be seen with the ideal way the color scheme plays off each other. You will be able to get this sneaker around December and this is going to be one of the hot ones available during that time.
nike-lebron-11-akron-vs-miami-1st-2 nike-lebron-11-akron-vs-miami-1st-3 nike-lebron-11-akron-vs-miami-1st-4nike-lebron-11-akron-vs-miami-1st-1



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