Ben Wallace May Resign With Detroit Pistons for 1 Year

Ben Wallace Resigns With the Pistons

It was all but written that Ben Wallace would ride off into the sunset once his contract with the Detroit Pistons was finished. A NBA champion and 4 time Defensive Player of the Year, there was nothing more that Wallace needed to prove.

So is Wallace done for good? According to the Detroit News

“A source close to the situation tells the Detroit News that “it’s a pretty good chance” Ben Wallace will return to the Pistons for another season.”

The return of Big Ben can be seen as a teacher role for the Pistons #9 draft pick, Andre Drummond. Drummond is a player with a lot of upside and being tutored and schooled by the likes of Ben Wallace can only be a good thing.

Even though Wallace is not the same player as he was when the Pistons won the championship in 2004, it will still give the fans one more go round with one of the best defensive players in the leagues history.

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