Got $3000 to Spend Get Yourself a Thundermobile

OKC Thunder Thundermobile for Sale
Have $3000? Get The OKC Thundermobile

Are you a big Oklahoma City Thunder fan? Are you looking for a new car to buy? Well look no further, as you can now get the “Thundermobile” for only $3000.

Drew Hooper , an aspiring artist and big OKC Thunder fan is selling his 1996 Suzuki X-90 on Craigslist. You can see the ad below.

Hello Thunder Fans!
I’m selling my Thunder-Mobile “Lightning.” It made the front page of the Oklahoman,, The Lost Ogle, People in the Trenches PhotoBlog, and countless cellphones! Haha!

So…This is a 1996 Suzuki X-90(they made them for 2 years, that’s why you probably haven’t ever seen one!) and has 125,500 original miles. It has a manual transmission and 4WD.

The passenger side window rolls down, the drivers side doesn’t. The heat works well, the a/c don’t. The clutch needs to be fixed, but my uncle says it’s not hard to do! Haha!

Its a great car for the avid Thunder Fan as long as you don’t mind people taking pictures of your car wherever you go! Selling as is $3000…

I don’t know if this is good deal or not. The car in itself is pretty busted, but the artwork is VERY good. I think this is the perfect car for those who are looking for something in the $3000 range and has a liking for the Thunder. Mind you, it may need a little work, but you can be sure that you are going to be very popular driving around in this thing.

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