Chandler Parsons Shoe Size

What is the Size of Chandler Parsons Feet?

Chandler Parsons is making a name for himself as one of the best up and coming young players in the league.

If you want to know how big his feet are or what size shoes Parsons wears, then you can find out.

He wears:

  • 15 (U.S.)
  • 14.5 (UK)
  • 49.5 (Europe)
  • 29.78 Centimeters
  • 11.875 Inches

Parsons style of play has really made him a fan favorite and it is pretty interesting to see where he takes his game. He does everything on the court, is extremely athletic and makes the game fun to watch. Where Parsons takes his game is up to him, but it should be great to see him blossom in the league over the next couple of years.

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