2012-2013 NBA Salary Cap Will Remain at $58 Million

NBA Salary Cap $58 Million

With teams being able to sign players today, the NBA salary cap will remain the same as the past season, $58.044 million.

When it comes to the luxury tax, it will also remain the same. Teams that will pay the luxury tax, will see it set $70.307 million.

According to sports.yahoo.com

“Any team exceeding that will pay a $1 tax for every $1 by which it is over. The tax will become more punitive starting in the 2013-14 season.”

Teams will have the

 midlevel exception for teams under the tax is $5 million, and the taxpayer midlevel is $3.09 million. The new ”mini” midlevel for teams with room under the salary cap is $2.575 million.

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